Transitioning to GA4: Where to start

So, you’re just realizing that Google Analytics is going to change dramatically in a couple of months and you don’t know where to start.

Don’t sweat it, at least not too much. Not yet. 

Will it be frustrating? Yes. Will you curse the Google Overlords? Possibly. Are you alone? No.

API’s Product Strategy Team, along with some outside help, has developed a roadmap to help you make this transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) go as smoothly as any transition to a new analytics platform can. 

Here’s a link to the Resource Guide we developed as part of a GA4  training series earlier this year to help you navigate this brave new world of Google Analytics. 

Our Guide includes links to the Zoom recordings and slide decks from our two training sessions as well as key videos and additional resources produced by our Analytics consultants Brad Gerick, Claire Tran, and others, including Nicole Rocchio from the Google Insights team. 

It’s a lot to take in, so here is how we recommend making the most of these resources: 

  • Start with Brad Gerick’s video and read through some of his implementation suggestions that we’ve linked at the top of the Resource Guide.
  • Next, watch API’s two training sessions in the next section of the Resource Guide and review our slide decks. These sessions outline the key differences between the two analytics platforms, and how to get started with your setup. We recommend using Google Tag Manager.
  • Finally, Watch the Google Insights video for some extra tips or take a deep dive into training videos in the Google on Air series, if have lingering questions or just like watching online tutorials.
  • Check out our FAQ doc (which we’re be updating regularly) for ongoing issues other newsrooms, and perhaps you, are having.
  • Join the discussion: We’ve also been hosting a series of “office hours” this month, on Fridays. Here’s the link to register for these Zoom calls. We have two remaining calls on April 21st and April 28th. We are recording them and will send around links in early May.

But wait … there’s more! In May, we will publish a GA4 series every Monday in API’s Need to Know newsletter that distills what we’ve learned through this training program and what newsrooms should pay attention to as they make the switch. Subscribe here.

We know that’s a lot, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.